4 Step Guide To Preparing For Ramadan 2020

Preparing for Ramadan is just as important like we prepare for all major events of life in advance before the actual event so this article is all about how to prepare for Ramadan, Ramadan preparation checklist and daily Ramadan journal.

Preparing for Ramadan

As we plan and rehearse before any major event or performance likewise it is really important to plan and rehearse when something is related to Allah and our faith. The holy month of Ramadan is the month of mercy, forgiveness, barakah, and blessing so why not prepare for Ramadan before it actually comes. For example, we plan our dress, food and other things for Eid celebrations, in the same way, we must prepare for Ramazan beforehand instead of worrying during the fasting month of Ramadan. Preparation and practice will make you stronger both mentally and physically to achieve true goals of the holy month.

4 Step Guide To Preparing For Ramadan 2020

Here goes my 4 step guide that will help you prepare for Ramadan this year which include the following;

  1. mental preparation for Ramadan
  2. physical preparation for Ramadan
  3. Consider making a Ramadan checklist
  4. Keep a daily Ramadan journal during Ramadan

Perform the first three steps before Ramadan and the last step during Ramadan to keep yourself on track.

1. Prepare Mentally for Ramadan

You could have many thoughts, feelings, and fears about the month of Ramazan, but tackle those thoughts and feelings before Ramadan. Therefore to solve such issue we will give you three useful tips on how to mentally prepare for Ramadan?

  1. Just believe in Allah: Allah is the one who created us in a way that we human body can bear fasting hence Allah has prescribed fasting for us. So put your trust in Allah that you can easily fast during the month of Ramadan and constantly reminds yourself what Allah has said.   “Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope” (Surah 2, Ayah 286). Therefore cleanse your thoughts by saying that Allah has made you strong enough to fast during the month of Ramzan.
  2. Start preparing yourself now for the upcoming month to ease your worries about it.
  3. Try distracting your mind: Your mind will keep thinking about the physical aspects of the fasting, long hours and the weather, what I will eat to break my fast, etc all such questions will make it hard for you to fast so try to keep yourself busy in chores like work, reading Islamic books, tasbeeh, listening lectures spiritual reflections and others.

2. Prepare Physically for Ramadan

The essence of Ramadan is hidden is the spiritual aspects of fasting. We can’t attain spiritual level underlying fast before taking control of physical aspects of fasting so prepare yourself physically before the Ramadan. Here find effective tips about how to physically prepare for Ramadan?

  1. Try Fasting before Ramadan: Therefore use the month before Ramadan as training, start eating major meals at sunrise and sunset to tune your body for suhoor and iftar.
  2. Start to eat healthy before Ramadan: healthy food and drinks will bring away the big difference in your overall health, and you will be ready for the main event of Ramazan. For example, drink plenty of water, eliminate tea or coffee and have plenty of fruits and vegetables. See what to eat and what not to eat during Ramadan and plan it now.
  3. Adjust your sleeping routine: Instead of having a shock during Ramadan try adjusting your sleeping patterns now so that you can cope up during Ramadan.
  4. Plan your meals:  Avoid spending lots of time in supermarkets or on the internet for what to cook. Plan your meals ahead so you can spare enough time for tasbeeh, salah, reading Quran, good deeds, Quran reflections and ibadah which is the purpose of this holy month.

3. Prepare Ramadan Checklist

Preparing a Ramadan checklist might keep you on the right track to achieve the goals of this month of mercy, maghfirat and nijaat from fire.

  1. Write down reflections of your previous Ramadan and point out where you were lacking, what I achieved and how I can improve my shortcomings this Ramadan. In short, analyze your previous fasting experiences this year, which in turn would help you prepare for this Ramadan.
  2. Write down your goals for this Ramadan on a piece of paper and for convenience, you can divide them into spiritual goals or ibaadah, meal planning and work goals, but make smart goals so that you can easily achieve them.
  3. Then write down how you would achieve these goals.

You may prepare a checklist like this.

Ramadan Preparation Checklist

4. Keep a Daily Ramadan Journal

Keeping a journal during Ramadan would keep your stress level controlled because doing so you feel more structured, organized and even more satisfied. I hope the Ramadan journal below might serve you well this Ramadan and you may also add in this journal to adjust your needs.

Preparing for Ramadan Daily Ramadan Journal

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