Pakistani Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Are Super Easy

This post features Pakistani kitchen cleaning tips that are super easy and could save your time for other household chores I would not be wrong if I say  Kitchen is the heart of the home and especially in Pakistan kitchen is the place where families spend most of the time so kitchen cleaning is utmost important to keep the family healthy because it is the place where most of germs reside too so this article is all about easy kitchen cleaning tips for Pakistani kitchens.

Pakistani Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Are Super Easy


In this post you will find kitchen cleaning tips for almost every item in your kitchen which serve as germ hotspots like dustbin, countertops, cutting board fridge, microwave etc to save you and your family from different diseases:

  • How to keep your kitchen clean?
  • How to eliminate smell from kitchen?
  • How to eliminate smell from kitchen sink and drain?
  • Kitchen floor cleaning.
  • Fridge cleaning tips?
  • Microwave cleaning hacks?
  • How to clean cutting board?
  • How to wash apron and kitchen clothes?

This is the first part of Pakistani kitchen cleaning tips. I break this article in to different parts you can checkout those posts to see how to clean kitchen quickly.

Quick & Easy Pakistani Kitchen Cleaning Tips

So let’s start super easy kitchen cleaning tips and tricks that may help you to finish your work quickly.

How to Get Rid of Kitchen Smell?

There might be various reasons why your kitchen smells bad like you are not cleaning the some spots on daily basis or not ventilating your kitchen, not washing dustbin daily, or not throwing dustbin on daily basis. Another obvious reason might be this; all Pakistani food is made of various condiments the aroma of these condiments is so strong that literally you can smell biryani aroma in the your neighborhood for the time being it smells awesome but the next day it doesn’t sounds good or cooking pratha can make your kitchen full of odor and steam.

To remove all such kitchen smells follow these easy kitchen cleaning tips;

    • First of all clean things like kitchen dustbin and let it dry in sun when dried place in a plastic bag, because it will make it easy for you to clean it daily. Throw the plastic bag daily and place a new bag after throwing the previous.
    • Clean all the pans and dishes after eating immediately because if you will left the dishes in the sink spoiled food will create bad odor, therefore at first clean all the dishes and sink as well.
    • Before cooking switch on exhaust or hood if you don’t have these open up the kitchen window for fresh air especially in summer season.
    • When cooking or frying anything like french fries or fish or chicken keep a bowl full of vinegar near the stove, vinegar do wonders for removing food smell and bad odors from kitchen.

Kitchen Sink Cleaning Tips

Sinks in Pakistani kitchen are usually of steel or porcelain that get shineless and greasy with oils present in the cooked food. For making your sink stainless steel sink shine follow the home remedies below.

  1. Mix 1/2 cup baking soda with 1/3 cup lemon juice or vinegar to form a thick paste and scrub this mixture on your sink. Let this mixture on the sink for 10-17 and then rub stains. Wash it to have a sparkle sink.

Pakistani Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Are Super Easy For Sink

Kitchen Bin Cleaning Tips

Do you clean your bins daily? It’s probably the least favorite job that ladies like to do when it comes to cleaning. But you can do it easily if you maintain a routine. Cleaning kitchen trash can would get so easy if you would clean it regularly. For getting a smell free and germ free trash bin without rotten food smell follow the tips below.

  1. Take out the bin and through the garbage bag out of it.
  2. Fill the basket with hot water and any detergent.
  3. Take any brush and scrub all hidden and apparent parts of the can.
  4. Rinse it with hot water and let it dry in sun.
  5. When dry place news paper at the bin bottom to avoid garbage leaks then put trash bag in it and place it in your kitchen cupboard

Pakistani Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Are Super Easy For Dustbin

Above you discovered Pakistani kitchen cleaning tips that are so easy if you maintain a proper cleaning routine for your cooking place to make it germ free for your loved ones. In this post I have covered how to get rid of kitchen smells, how to clean kitchen dustbin, how to get a you kitchen sink shine.

Hope you like this article and find it useful when cleaning your kitchen. This is the first part of Pakistani kitchen cleaning for further cleaning tips keep visiting this website.

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This is the first part of Pakistani kitchen cleaning tips, we would publish the full series so keep visiting the site for complete series.

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