Home Remedies for Dark Lips to Get Natural Pink Lips

Pink lips are considered a beauty sign for both women and men, but unfortunately many of us have dark lips or black lips and want to light them. If so try home remedies for dark lips to revive your natural pink lips. There are two ways to get rid of dark lips;

  • exfoliation
  • moisturization

Due to sun exposure, harmful chemicals in lipsticks, smoking and poor diet our lips turn black. For getting pink lips naturally we need to take care of all the things that make lips dark. Another way to get pink lips is to go for home remedies for dark lips. Nature has blessed us with various natural thing that can lighten dark lips.

Home Remedies for Dark Lips to Get Natural Pink Lips

Home Remedies for Dark Lips

Here you can find tested home remedies for dark lips to lighten them using all natural ingredients found in your pantry. One thing that I really love about natural home remedies is you don’t need to spend lots of bucks, you just need to go to the kitchen for solving your problem. So for getting pink lips I try the following home remedies that you could also try if you really wish for pink soft lips.

1. Use Sugar Scrub

This is one of the best way to get rid of dark lips. Sugar works as an exfoliate to remove dead skin cells from lips. As our lips don’t have pore that produce sebum and keeps it hydrated, in result lips become dark and chapped. To cure dark chapped lips mix sugar with olive oil or petroleum jelly or butter and honey to make a thick paste. Apply this mixture on lips and scrub in circular motion.

  • Pro Tips: Home remedies need to be used consistently so use this sugar scrub for one week to get the results.
  • Pro Tips: Highly recommended because it’s totally natural and turn dark lips to soft and pink lips.
  • Pro Tips: Use tooth brush in circular motion to exfoliate chapped lips.

Home Remedies for Dark Lips with Sugar Scrub

2. Lemon & Honey

We all know since ages that lemon works like a bleaching agent, and lemon extracts are used in different face whitening creams and lotions as well. Honey also used in many beauty products which work as moisturizer. To lighten dark lips mix lemon juice with honey and oil oil or coconut oil apply this mixture on your lips. You can follow the DIY lip scrub recipe as shown below or can make it with only two ingredients.

  • Pro Tips: Use this home remedy for one week initially, afterwards you can use this at least twice a week to get natural pink lips
  • Pro Tips: Highly recommended for getting pink lips fast naturally.

Home Remedies for Dark Lips to Get Natural Pink Lips With Lemon Scrub

3. Coconut Oil & Salt Scrub

Coconut oil is known for it’s benefits, it helps to moisturize lips and salt works as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. To make this lip lightening scrub mix one tea spoon of coconut oil with one tea spoon of salt to make a paste and apply the mixture on lips for ten minutes and scrub the lips. You can make this DIY lip scrub with coconut oil and sea salt but if you want add all ingredients shown in picture you can there is no harm.

  • Pro Tips: Use this scrub for one for one week to get rid of dark lips.
  • Pro Tips: Highly recommend to get smooth rosy lips.

Home Remedies for Dark Lips to Get Natural Pink Lips With Coconut Oil Scrub

Above you explored home remedies for dark lips that are proven and easy, further more you can find all the ingredients comfortably in your home. Hope you like the post, if you like the post share it with others and follow me on social media.

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