Most Effective Skin Whitening/Lightening Creams in Pakistan

Fair complexion is considered as beauty sign in our society because it covers all other flaws, all women from teenage girls to housewives make try different skin whitening or lightening products to maintain fair complexion. Therefore I decided to write most effective skin whitening/lightening creams available in pakistan. This article based on different reviews available on different beauty blogs. Scientifically, dark complexion is due to excess of melanin, amount of melanin can be controlled by using enough water, fruits, vegetables. However it is also scientifically proven that environmental factors like direct exposure of skin to sun can result in sun tan and darker skin tone. Age factor is another factor that is responsible for wear and tear of skin cells. For maintaining spotless younger looking fair skin it necessary to moisturize and use whitening creams that contain sunblock to save your skin from environmental factors.

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Best skin whitening/lightening creams in Pakistan

Market is full of many skin whitening/lightening creams that claims to work wonders but remember there is no magic whitening cream yet but skin whitening or lightening creams that I am sharing here can help you improve, prevent and maintain your natural skin complexion without any harm. The whitening creams shared here are based on my personal experience (I used all the products shared here) and customer reviews.

Olay natural white day cream

 Olay skin whitening/lightening creams in Pakistan

Olay natural white an effective cream that brighten up complexion by controlling the amount pf melanin in surface of skin based on olay special formula. Olay as an old skin care brand is famous from decades by providing effective skin care products internationally.

  • brighten up skin by reducing amount of melanin in the surface of skin
  • reduces the appearance of dark spots
  • Consists of SPF 24 that saves skin from adverse effects of sunlight
  • moisturises and hydrate skin
  • Perfect for normal skin
  • price:
  • Rating: 4/5

L’oreal white perfect day cream

Loreal skin whitening/lightening creams in Pakistan

L’oreal white perfect day cream is perfect day cream to maintain a spotless even tone fair skin. It comes in white color and thick texture that absorbs easily and hydrate dull skin while reducing dark spots to give flawless white skin.

  • hydrate skin and reduces dark spots to give even fairness
  • fits all skin types, but people with oily and combination skin can just use in winter
  • Contains SPF 17
  • Price: 850 PKR
  • Rating: 3.9/5

Garnier light fairness & dark spot prevention day cream

Garnier skin whitening/lightening creams in Pakistan

Another brand that is easily available in Pakistan. It is known for dark spot prevention and making skin glow with continuous use.

  • prevents dark spots
  • makes skin fair
  • Contains SPF 15
  • price: Rating:2.9/5

Ponds white beauty daily spotless lightening cream

Ponds skin whitening/lightening creams in Pakistan

Ponds white beauty another cream available  in market that claims to reduce spotless even skin, comes in pinkish cream with sweet fragrance.

  • reduces dark spots
  • contains SPS 20
  • maintain skin tone
  • price:
  • 299-300 PKR
  • Rating: 2.5/5

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