Latest Men’s Beard Styles & Fashion 2021-2022

Mens beard styles fashion is common in Pakistan, India, Europe, America, and other countries around the world therefore this post is for all those dudes that are wondering for the hottest shave or beard styles. Beard is continuing to be in fashion this and coming year as many celebrities and models are flaunting classic beard styles in movies and on screen. This post features the latest Men’s beard Styles & Fashion 2021-2022 pictures and videos that will give ideas and inspiration for new stylish ways to grow and trim facial hair or shave. There are many choices for men whether to go clean shave, beard, or stubble but if you want to make a style statement go beard so follow the guide given below.

Beard styles 2017 2018 for Pakistani and Indian Men

In this article you will find amazing information about the following;

  • How to choose beard style keeping in view your face shape?
  • Useful beard grooming tips
  • Celebrity beard style fashion images for latest beard trends in Pakistan
  • Different khut or darhi style you can go for

How to Choose Beard Style According to Face Shape?

Choosing the wrong shave, khat, darhi, or beard style may ruin your personality instead of enhancing it while the selection of an appropriate beard style will enhance your overall personality. If you decided to have a beard then first identify your face shape and select the appropriate shave or khat style accordingly. The video and picture might help you how to select a shave style according to your face shape. See also the latest men hairstyles to try this year because hairstyle and beard style is complimentary so have a look at men’s hairstyles to know more. If you want to look decent and stylish and want street style inspiration check out my other post, Pakistani mens street style.

Tips for selecting a darhi or khat style

  1. First, identify your face shape with the help of infographics or video given in the post.
  2. Second have a look at different beard styles and celebrity pictures.
  3. Third, identify a celeb that has a face shape like yours and follow the style of that celebrity.
  4. Forth save the picture of that celebrity on your phone and show it to your stylist for getting that style for you.

Many darhi, shave or khat styles are popular in Pakistan, India, and other countries, youth and fashion-aware men and boys follow the latest beard fashion flaunted by celebrities around the world so tune in to this post to explore new beard fashion. See this picture for a more detailed men facial hair guide and find your perfect shave style.

men facial hair guide and find your perfect shave styleFawad Khan beard style 2018


Different Types of Men’s Beard or Shave Styles

There are as many beard styles and fashions to follow as you think but in my point, the best shave style is one that can oomph your looks here I have listed the most popular facial hairstyles, you can try various shave styles to find the one that would enhance your overall appearance.

  • Short beard styles
  • Full beard
  • Bandholz
  • Balbo beard style as shown in iron men movie
  • Imperial beard style. this actual mustache style
  • Clean shave this style suits anyone
  • Thick beard styles
  • Patchy Beard styles
  • Goatee beard styles

By tuning in to this video you can see different beard types and styles so tune in to know more.

Hottest Men’s Beard & Shave styles in 2021-2022

Here check out the new beard, khat, darhi, or shave styles and fashion trends in Pakistan, India, and other countries around the world. Below you can explore modern beard styles from teenage to adulthood to achieve dapper looks to make a style statement at college, university, or at work, I hope you will find the perfect shave trend that you can follow.

Fawad Khan Beard Style

Fahad Mustafa Beard Style 2017 2108

Indian Darhi Styles

Pakistani Shave Styles

Latest Men's beard Styles & Fashion 2017 2018

Shahid Kapoor Beard

Danish Taimor Beard style Pakistani

Pakistani Khat styles

Hamza Ali Abbasi Dahri Style

Pakistani celebrity beard fashion 2017 2018

Aanveer singh Beard

Fawad Khan beard 2017 2018

Varun Dhawan Beard

Above you took a closer look at men beard style fashion for every face shape and I hope you have got the necessary inspiration about which is the best beard style for you.

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