Easy Round Design/Gol Tikka Mehndi for Hands 2019

Round design henna or gol tikki mehndi design is one of the most basis mehndi design. In previous times women had to use their finger for applying mehndi and they just draw a round tikki mehndi design or moon with mehndi in middle of the palm old age ladies like grandmothers apply this technique these days as well. But these days mehndi designing is a great art and market is full of latest mehndi designing tools and techniques such as black mehndi, white mehndi, mehndi application with syringe and henna tattoo designs etc. Hence in this post feature easy round design mehndi or gol tikki mehndi designs for hands 2019 that you can apply at wedding functions, eid and even at parties.

Gol Tikka Mehndi designs for Hands

Simple round mehndi designs for hands are always popular among ladies of all ages be they young girls or old age grandmothers in this article you will find new style tikki mehndi designs for hands. Actually applying mehndi is all about creativity hence below you will find creative and easy gol tikka mehndi designs to get inspirational ideas. Mehndi is most essential elements for eid and weddings like wise nail art designs also see best eid nail art designs. In the video tutorial below watch how to apply round design or tikki mehndi design  by tuning in to this gol tikka mehndi design video.

Simple Round Design Henna for Hands 2019

Tikki mehndi designs in new style embellish hands in stunning way. In previous decades mehndi was just used traditionally but nowadays it became a fashion statement to follow because mehndi designers are offering really creative mehndi designs but they are really heavy on pocket but below you will find simple round tikki henna design images in latest styles to get inspirational ideas.

In this post we will get a closer look on different styles of gol tikka mehndi designs because these are in vogue all around the world.

  • Pro Tip: Get your manicure before applying mehndi this will make your hands look soft and clean.
  • Pro Tip: Apply nail color that is complementary to your dress, for easy nail art designs click this link.
  • Pro Tip: Draw gol tikki mehndi design on back of hand for mehndi ceremony or other special events.

For mehndi ceremony brides to and girl guests fancy to wear traditional dresses so have a look on Pakistani bridal mehndi dresses.

To gain traditional looks girls love to draw round henna designs on back of hands  and on palm of hands. Therefore you can explore following round tikki mehndi patterns

  • Easy gol tikki mehndi designs
  • Floral gol tikka mehndi designs
  • Shaded round mehndi patterns
  • Gol tikka mehndi with glitter and stones

Mehndi Tikki Designs

1. Easy Gol Tikki Mehndi Designs

If you are eager to stand out any occasion like eid or wedding functions revamp your hands using easy tikki henna patterns have a deep look at henna pictures below. In one of my other post simple mehndi design picture tutorials I have shared step by step henna designs for beginners. See below easy mandala design pictures.

If you are a beginner mehndi designers I am sure this article is going to help you much, DIY easy mehndi designs.

Tikki Mehndi Designs Easy

Easy Tikki Mehndi Designs

Round Tikka Mehndi Design Easy

2. Floral Circular Tikka Mehndi Designs

Round floral tikki is another way to decorate hands if you like botanical patterns. Flowers and leaves certainly look stunning and shows that you love nature. Am I right?  Another thing about floral designs is they look eye catching and shows the skills of henna designer.  Below you can observe flower mandala mehndi design images. Also see latest eid mehndi designs for hands.

Floral Circle Mehndi Design for Hands

flower mandala mehndi design

Simple Mandala Henna Designs

Mehndi Mandala Patterns

Simple Gol Tikka Mehndi Designs

 Easy Mandala Designs

3. Shaded Mandala Tikki Henna Designs

Shaded gol tikka is another way to renovate hands to stand out at any party. Shaded mehndi design like other circle designs is an extension of traditional gol tikki designs that look traditional yet modern.

Shaded Circular Henna Designs

4. Gol Tikka Mehndi Designs with Glitter & Stones

Glitter and stones are used as adornments that adds more beauty to the mehndi, you can also enhance the beauty of your hands by adding tweaks of glitter and stone. I hope the gol tikki mehndi photos will help you to embellish your hands in a mehndi professional way.

  • Pro Tip: If you are bride to must add stone and glitter to make your mehndi more beautiful.

For heavy wedding henna patterns for hands, arms and feet check out wedding henna designs for bridals.

Easy Round Design Gol Tikka Mehndi for Hands 2018

Easy Round DesignGol Tikka Mehndi for Hands 2018

Easy Round DesignGol Tikka Mehndi for Hands 2018

Easy Round DesignGol Tikka Mehndi for Hands 2018

In this article you took a closer look at gol tikki mehndi designs for hands and watched beautiful henna images. I hope yo got the necessary inspiration and mehndi design idea for coming event. If you like the post share it with friends and also follow me on social media to get more fashion, style and beauty stuff.

Also check out simple mehndi designs for hands to have some easy yet trendy henna design ideas.

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